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Happy (belated) fairytale day! I was so excited, I totally forgot to make a post about it.

Yesterday was International Fairytale Day so why not talk about fairytales?

My collection Quill & Dust has a variety of fairytales where our heroes have to face supernatural occurrences and survive. Some are classics like the Red Riding Hood, others are lesser known fairytales like Mother Hulda and there are some completely new.

Ten fairytales from around the world. Witches, demons, ghosts and all supernatural beings await you to lure you into a unique adventure!

Grab your sword, your wand and arm yourself with courage, for this journey shall test your courage!

Why not celebrate with a fairytale book fair? Check the books, buy a few, gift to a friend

Gotta read them all!

Next stop is a Rapunzel retelling! If you expect a girl with pigtails, singing to birds and reading books, forget it! She's got knives, she's got deadly hair. She's a witch, she's a nature witch!

A witch with no powers, locked in a tower, victim of a demoness' rage. And yet, when a male witch flows by her tower and frees her, the adventure to the portal begins. Did I mention they're in Hell? Well, oops!

If you're thirsty for a PNR/dark fantasy read, add to your TBR

If you want some insight in Quill & Dust's stories and some fun games, pop into my facebook group and let's have some fun!

Thank you for reading! Enjoy the books and I'll be seeing you through my newsletter and social media. Until then...

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