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Once Upon a Winter Cover Reveal!

Hey apprentices,

I come with a cover reveal today and I am so excited about it! It's a winter anthology where fairytales come alive! There is light, there is dark and magic!

My story is a loose Sleeping Beauty retelling where the demon places a curse by spinning the wheel. And so it begins. A girl has the power to stop it all. But will she accept her fate? Will she break the curse? Most importantly, who is the voice that keeps calling for her in her dreams? Can he be trusted?

Snowflakes cursed by magic.

Twisted fates. Otherworldly dimensions.

All of your favorite fairytales, reimagined.

Consider what would happen if the queen was forced to marry a man she didn’t love, tormented by an evil stepdaughter. Perhaps Gaston survived the fall. Could Hook become the hero?

Evil curses. Tricks from the fae. Fierce warriors. You never know what might happen Once Upon a Winter...

Crave the whimsy, wonder, and heartbreak that begins with once upon a time.

Let the magic of the season consume you. One click today!

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