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What do mermen do in their spare time? (BOWS)

I'm taking part in the Book Owl Word Search (BOWS) as a member of the BLUE team.

-> See if you can find my secret word and continue the search to the other

authors on my team and find their words as well.

Secret word: MERMAN

Hello, everyone! Name's Karie and I am a pixie! Also, secretary of the Gifted Blood Academy in Ytherynia. This academy is magical, home to all the supernatural species around the realms. Don't worry, I won't do a lengthy introduction, I still have to chase our naughty mascot away from the chandelier but I will present you one of the rarest species we have in Ytherynia: the mermen.

I know what you're probably thinking. Like, hold on, the mermen? The sea creatures with tails that everyone associates with the sea that you hear in every myth? Yup, them. Ytherynia was built after the war of species as a safe haven but something happened and we never saw the mermen again until this year! Rumor has it, there's a curse placed upon them, but we don't know for sure. But enough of my chatter.

Come and let's meet the mermen and their extracurricular activities!

~ Dan, the merman from the Lakes ~

Dan is thirteen, which in merman years translates as a teen. He is easily impressed with everything and being the youngest of the company in a school with different species entices him. Of course, having his brother Yan close by doesn't hurt. While his silly giddy attitude makes others view him as their little brother, Dan also shows moments of maturity. Especially when the older mermen quarrel.

His favorite pastime is exploring the wonders of different delicacies in his palate. The school has to satisfy the diets of every species so Dan is determined to taste them all, even if his stomach doesn't agree with the flambé demon dishes who cause explosions when in contact with water. You can always find Dan in the Dining Hall, tasting water berries, candy, seeds and chocolate. Peeps, I think we have a taster in the making! If only he would bother cooking, he would be perfect. But who can resist these cute cheeks?

~ Yan, the merman from the Lakes ~

Yan is Dan's older brother and the carer of the family who can't help but aid anyone who's wounded. He spends his free time studying healing herbs or at the hospital, observing Mrs. Lisalli healing patients from injuries and illnesses.

Since they both grew up under the care of their aunts, who were more interested in making jewelry than raising them, Yan had to raise his brother on his own, which made him more responsible than most kids in his age but lonelier, too. Being in the academy gives him a new perspective of the world, and soon, he makes new friends who help him when his brother goes missing.

~ Aquilus, the merman from the Jungle waters ~

Aquilus has spent his life being taught how to act and yet, getting blamed for everything and anything that wasn't his fault. Being the older brother always presents challenges, but when he meets the prince who rules his land back home, things heat up. Having his childhood memories chase him, he acts out of character, blaming him for the misfortunes who befall the school, but in the end, both of them make up their differences.

Being a secluded character, Aquilus prefers to live adventures in the pages of books, so you will always find him carrying one paperback with him. However, he also loves clubbing even if he crosses paths with shady characters such as vampire mermaids. Anything to keep him away from boredom.

~ Kae, the merman from the Jungles ~

Kae is Aquilus' brother and while the youngest of the two, he often soothes Aquilus' temper. When Kae's not in the library, struggling to finish his homework or in a crowded class, he enjoys the liberty of the vast grounds. Particularly the park and the immense hiking trails.

Thirsty for an adventure away from his mother's overprotective nature and his brother's brooding presence, he seeks to discover the hidden paths in the parks, mapping out the place in his mind, he observes the flowers and animals that are so different from the ones under the sea.

While he enjoys being with his own kind, he often joins shifters and fairies in a journey to understand species who rule the skies and the earth. Being from jungle waters, he feels a pull toward the flora of the realm, thus his powers are closely linked with nature.

~ Yuri, the prince of Liquiris, the River kingdom ~

Being a prince is hard, but being the younger of the three who pick on him because of his ocean powers, makes him wish he was dead. With the scars of his life fresh on his skin, he is defensive when meeting others in the Gifted Blood Academy, but soon, he discovers friendship, kindness and companionship. Yuri doesn't hesitate to go into deep waters when one of his friends goes missing and even deal with the problem himself reaching to the destructive bit of his power.

Yuri loves exploring, and a brand new realm he has never seen before is exactly the kind of adventure he craves for. On the first weekend on Ytherynia, while many would have taken the opportunity to rest, he plunges into exploring the shops and the surrounding area outside the school's boundaries. When he's not out trying to solve the mysteries of the school, you can find him in the Library of Luminosity and Umbra - the magic library - or at the Magic Delights Cafe with his friends. Yuri can't resist a new mystery, and the next years will prove even more challenging.

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