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Noel always made a point of coming home for Christmas.


With her family far from work, it's the one chance she has to catch up with everyone this year is not an exception.

When a blizzard strands her in the airport and ruins her plans, Noel hits an all-time Christmas low and is certain her plans are cancelled.

But with the discovery of a shelter of cats and a group of homeless children to the airport's storm-stayed chaos, she may discover Christmas doesn't depend on where you are, but what's in your heart.

Is there Merry Christmas in her future after all?

Διαθέσιμο σε ebook


Holiday Fiction/Ζώα/Παιδικό

This Christmas the holiday spirit is under threat.

The name's Ginger, AKA Agent Meow 1. Usually, I like to spend my free time searching for scraps of food and getting chased by dogs (like the stray cat that I am).

But this Christmas, everything changes.

When the dog agents from PAWs mess up and leave the human world hanging by a thread, it's Ginger to the rescue.

With my combination of brains, stealth, and daring, I’m the agent they call when the fur starts to fly.

Everything is going well until I meet my new partner.

A house cat.

With the clock ticking, this mission seems doomed to failure with so many pheromones about.

Will the Christmas spirit be saved, or will they turn their tails and let the world burn?

This is my first book that I have ever read by Maria Vermisoglou. I loved "The Meow Guardians". I have never read a book that is mostly about animals acting like humans, but this book makes you believe that cats and dogs could really be secret agents. I felt like I was engrossed in a world where everything made sense for once. Stray cats are all over the world and it would make sense that they started out being secret agents first. Then the house cats were enrolled in being a secret agent.

This was a short read so if you are looking for something to fill in a quick gap that is around the holidays then this is your book. It is a fast paced book that you can get through really quickly. ~Mariah, Amazon reviewer

What a fun read! It makes perfect sense that cats are secret agents, after all, they are naturally inquisitive, can come and go pretty much as they please, can get in and out almost anywhere.

It was a delight reading a book from a cat's perspective, how they are tasked to bring joy back to humans, to "solve" the humans problems.

It even made me think of what actually might go through a cat's mind, you know what I'm referring to, when you get "the look" from a cat. I enjoyed the humour, the 007 like gadgets the cats use was very James Bond! A very uplifting, delightful tale, just right for this time of the year. ~Beba, Goodreads reviewer

A lovely Christmas novella featuring cats, lots of cats. Cats who are secret agents that must save Christmas spirit.
I loved the cats, had a lot of fun and I think it can be appreciated by reader of any age. ~Goodreads reviewer

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