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🦊Spin to Sleep cover reveal & pre-order information🦊

Hello, apprentices, I have fantastic news! Spin to Sleep is up for pre-order.

Here are a few details about the book:

  • It's a Sleeping Beauty/Ice Queen mashup.

  • Gender bender

  • A fox that's not a fox. A witch with a strange magic. And a girl who doesn't want to save the world. Go figure!

  • Quirky dialogue, adorable banter, sweet romance 🙂

  • Spin to Sleep was included in the Once upon a winter anthology, so you read a portion. It ended in a horrible cliffhanger. Not sorry. (Also not sorry but in italics) Now, you can finally read the end.

  • Price will go up after pre-order ends.

  • It will be on KU for the first 90 days and then I will decide whether to make it wide.

Spin to Sleep will release on June 6. Link is at the bottom of this post or you can scan the QR code on the picture.

Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy the story!

🦊P.S.: Beware of spinning wheels.

Let your magic shine ~ Maria


Guarded for generations, Dahlia’s spinning wheel stood untouched in its glass case…

Plagued by visions and voices in her head, Ivy trains as a witch’s apprentice, shielded from the sleeping curse. When her friends persuade her to visit Chillbury, she follows, hoping to uncover the origins of the infamous curse. In her quest for answers, she unwittingly causes her best friend to fall under the grasp of the sleeping curse. If she listens to the voices in her head, she’ll break the curse. If she doesn’t, everyone could suffer the consequences of her denial.

Will Ivy accept her destiny and break the curse, or will she be trapped in the haunted mansion?

Spin to Sleep is for fans of twists, fairytales, and adventure.

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