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Ink & Incantation kickstarter campaign is live!

Greetings, apprentices! I come bearing exciting news and gifts.

We are running a kickstarter and our goal is to fund the Ink & Incantation hardback.

But we need your help!

To fund the project, we have set different tiers, as little as 2$ which come with extra prizes.

You can take a peek into the inside of the exclusive edition (which is stunning!), read about the authors, and their stories in Ink & Incantation, and pick digital and paperback options. There are some additional extras: candles, bookmarks, a leather journal...

I have offered Potions & Margaritas so if it's not on your bookshelf yet, now you can since it's an option in certain tiers.

About the anthology:

Ink & Incantation is a young adult anthology featuring sixteen sci-fi and fantasy short stories. All celebrating books and libraries!

Inside these enchanting pages you will find stories of love, adventure, and extraordinary magic. Starcrossed lovers meet in the world's last remaining print library. Thieves race to find a powerful book. A girl is claimed by a sword. Best friends seek an audience with the dead. Twin witches learn one must die.

Can they escape their fates? It won't be easy with dragons, pirates, and the underworld itself standing in their way. But with a book in hand, anything is possible...

The project will run for 20 days, so get the pretties while you still can.

Thank you so much for your support. Stay magical ~Maria

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