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🔥⚔️ When we Burn - COVER AND SYNOPSIS REVEAL ⚔️🔥

Hello apprentices! I hope you have recharged your magic during the holidays because I have a fresh new cover reveal for you and it's burning!

Check out the details below, follow the author and stay tuned for more books!

Join us as we celebrate the cover and synopsis reveal for When We Burn, the first in Deidre Sequeira's new Burning Mirror Duology! This YA Fantasy Romance will be released in early 2023. ❤️‍🔥 While the pre-order isn't up just yet, make sure to follow Deidre at @storytellerdeidre to stay up to date. In the meantime, take a look at the synopsis below and add When We Burn to your TBR on Goodreads!

👑🗡 TBR (Link is also in @storytellerdeidre's bio):


Mirrors. Children plucked from orphanages thanks to the striking resemblance they bear to a royal who would become their Reflection. Their purpose? To die in their Reflection’s place.

My name is Elena, and I am a Mirror. My Reflection? Princess Briar of Kaimor.

That’s not all she is, though. Briar is my friend. My sister.

And she’s also missing.


Lenny’s job has always been dangerous, but the danger is rising as the Nightmen, rebels intent on exposing the sins of their king and ending a long-fought war, close in. When innocent blood is shed, Elena and Briar realize that safety is a thing of the past. That fact is only made clearer when Briar disappears.

King Tynan blames Lenny for failing to do her job. But she’s not the only one he holds responsible. King Tynan is enraged that the Nightmen have gotten so close. Their recent attack on palace soil and the princess’ disappearance have embarrassed him, and Tynan has a plan to end things once and for all:

Get back his heir.

Make sure no one knows she was missing in the first place.

Burn the Nightmen to the ground.

Those first two commands rest on Elena. The latter? That has been placed upon the shoulders of her new travel companions: The Flamekeepers. Once a revered guild who protected their kingdom’s greatest asset, these Brothers have been molded by the king into his finest warriors.

Lives are on the line, and should Elena and the Brothers fail, two things are certain: The Nightmen will win this round. And all of Kaimor will suffer King Tynan’s wrath.

🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹 🧹

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Maria Vermisoglou is an International Bestselling author of fantasy and paranormal with an obsession for witches. She loves throwing her heroes into impossible situations. Maria draws inspiration from books, travel, and…the ceiling. (So blame the ceiling!)

Maria started writing when the stories she read became too boring and the voices in her mind too loud.

When she's not writing, she loves a good ride on the fantasy dragon, but a book can also be exciting, along with a cup of tea.

Nowadays, you can find her in Athens, exploring the mysteries of the ancient world.

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