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🍸🍸🍸Potions & Margaritas Release Day!🍸🍸🍸

Good morning, apprentices! Isn't it a wonderful day for a release?

Potions & Margaritas is finally out in the world though I'm not sure whether that's a good thing with the apocalypse and everything.

Fortunately, the team is on the rescue!

Please meet:

Cal, the girl who has no clue she's got the magical touch! Callista is a bartender in Eclipse, a magical bar which keeps the balance between Good and Evil.

Nycholas, the immortal owner of Eclipse. Don't root for him just yet. He ends up dead. (Oops!)

Meena is a waitress in Eclipse and Cal's best friend. She helps Cal navigate the world of magic while keeping her sane. Fairydust comes in handy in stressful situations!

Every bar needs a bouncer and Eclipse has its own troll bouncer. Unlike the others of his kin, Valli comes with a kind heart but also with a supernatural ability that will make his foes bend to their knees.

Cornelia is a sunlight witch and her role is the key to saving Eclipse temporarily. She adores orange dresses, but I'd mind her potions if I were you.

When Eclipse lands on the magical side where all supernatural species reside, Cal meets Fino, Eclipse's supplier. The light twin steals every girl's heart with his loud and vivid personality. Is he as real as he claims, or are there dark secrets in his past?

Paris is the black sheep of the family. Of course, when he shows up, hearts end up broken, secrets are revealed and leaves messes all around him. After all, he is the dark twin. If he didn't come with problems, I'd be worried.

Celia is a dark fairy and Cal's ally. Odd and secretive, she is great at potions and comes with a lack of emotions. Can you trust her, or are all dark fairies the same?

Potions & Margaritas is available in all major retailers & libraries.

Welcome to Eclipse, where we serve the most magical Margaritas you'll ever taste.

When Nycholas, the immortal owner of the bar, gets killed, the balance spirals out of control.

In order to hunt down the monster and stop the apocalypse, we pull Eclipse into the magical side. But with the discovery of my magic powers comes an abundance of supernatural species.

They're here, and they're thirsty for Midnight Moon. One wrong ingredient and I'm done for.

When Fino shows up, my troubles begin. He’s hot, smart and funny. Or does he have a dark side?

My name is Cal and I’m the drink whisperer. One drop and you’ll be hooked!

Potions & Margaritas is a paranormal fantasy novel that belongs to The Cursed Girl universe, featuring witches, drinks, and Greek mythology themes. Though it is a standalone, there might be spoilers. Be advised that there is mild swearing.

Do you prefer paperbacks? I've got you covered! You can grab your copy below.

Dive into the magical world of Eclipse, sweet romances, and ghost pirates.

Thank you for reading. Until next time, stay magical!

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