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Enchanted Locks Release Day!

I am so excited to announce that Enchanted Locks is now available on the digital shelves!

Enchanted Locks is a side story from The Cursed Girl universe, but this time, you are meeting Fortuna, another witch who is trapped in a tower because of a demon. With no powers, can she escape her predicament?

When Kete, a male witch (or wiitch as they call them) shows up, she thinks she can go home. But how can she go home if they're in Hell? Oops. Now she must journey to the portal through the unpredictable environments of Hell, not to mention the demons, and rely on the help of a stranger. Not very good odds if you ask me.

Enchanted Locks is a Dark Fantasy/PNR Rapunzel Retelling and is available to buy on Amazon or Kindle Unlimited. If you were impatiently waiting to get your hands on Enchanted Locks, here's your link!

There will be other books featuring side characters from The Cursed Girl series and the next one is a witch librarian and will be available in summer. Until then, enjoy Fortuna and her magical story.

Thanks for reading!

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