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❄️❄️Once Upon a Winter Release Day!❄️❄️

Today is the release of the winter anthology featuring retellings with twists, and of course, snow. Inside, you'll find my story Spin to Sleep. It's a mashup of Sleeping Beauty and the Ice Queen.

Shifters, witches, humans, and an evil demoness. How do they all fit together? Grab your copy and explore the village of Sunhelm today!

Snowflakes cursed by magic.

A world sleeps in winter’s embrace

White as snow. Blood red. Darker than the shadows hidden below, fairytales come to life with unexpected twists of fate.

Can Belle protect her happiness when winter brings an old foe?

Will spring ever come to Sleeping Beauty’s cursed kingdom?

Can Snow White escape her chilling fate?

Crave the whimsy, wonder, and heartbreak that begins with once upon a time.

Let the magic of the season consume you. One click today!

Thank you for reading. Until next time, stay magical!

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