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Celebrate the magic of books with this limited-time collection of YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories!

What's inside these enchanting pages?

A fae war is brewing, and only an ancient book has the power to stop it. If only the pages weren't blank!

A bookstore set in a steampunk world. The lights are flickering and objects are moving. Could the bookstore really be haunted?

A doomed love story set in the last known library. Can two teens preserve what really matters?

Two brothers. A wandering library. How far will they be willing to go to access this forbidden knowledge?

And many more stories!


Preorder the book today with your favorite retailer (Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Google Play). Print copies will be available on launch day.


One lucky reader will win a digital ARC + $5 Amazon gift card!


✨Follow the guidelines and may the books bring you luck!

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Miembro desconocido
27 jul 2022

Bu men uchun juda katta ahamiyatga ega, chunki bugun men mostbet uz -ga yangi garov qo'ydim va g'alaba qozondim! Va bu haqda bilishingizni xohlayman. Albatta, avvaliga men uchun qiyin bo'ldi, lekin o'yinni sinchkovlik bilan tahlil qilish menga eng foydali pul tikishda yordam berdi. Agar g'alaba qozonishni istasangiz, barcha sport o'yinlarini ham kuzatib borishingiz kerak!

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