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📚Ink & Incantation Release Day!📚

Hello, apprentices. I'm hoping you are having a wonderful holiday!

Ink & Incantation, the anthology featuring bookstores and libraries, has finally released into the world.

My story follows Heather, the witch book tracker, as she faces her most challenging mission yet. The Great Book of the witches is gone and is up to Heather to retrieve it before the demons. Finding the book is easy. The problem is, the Great Book is sealed with an unbreakable spell. Can all spells be broken?

Books & Secrets is a story filled with magic, librarian humor and egyptian magic.

Grab your copy today!

Celebrate the magic of books with this limited-time collection of YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories.

What's inside these enchanting pages?

Authors Featured in Ink & Incantation

E. V. Everest, Allison Rose, Ben Green, C.L. Cannon, Jamie Dalton, Jessa Lucas, Joy Lewis, K. R. S. McEntire, Kristen S. Walker, Maria Vermisoglou, Nicole Zoltack, R. L. Medina, R.L. Perez, S. R. Breaker, Sudha Kuruganti, Tricia Copeland

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