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Last DAY of sale on Beware the Violet

Happy New Year's Eve, apprentices. Just a gentle reminder that Beware the Violet, the first book of the witch/shifter series has a sale and today is the last day you can get it for 99 cents.

I wish you to Have a Happy Witchy Year, full of joy, books, and dreams.

Violet hates Halloween, but when she's sucked in the Blessed Realm and faced with the very creatures she's been mocking, she looks at the facts under a different lense.

She's told she's the savior. Her powers will save the world from eternal darkness. But can she save the people when she doesn't believe in magic?

And then there's Jacques. The hot rabbit shifter with the French accent who sends conflicted messages. She hates him, but her feelings say otherwise.

Dive into this supernatural mystery today...unless the darkness manages to wipe out the world first!

  • Shifters/Witches

  • A supernatural town

  • The beginning of all evil things to come

  • A love between a shifter & a human

  • Enemies to lovers

  • Rabbits!

Happy New Year's Eve, apprentices ...

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