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Witchy news - hot off the White Land's press!

Happy New Year, apprentices!

Hopefully, you had a great time, ate lots of food and read even more books!

I'm dropping for a bit with awesome news. My first Dark Fantasy/PNR book is up for pre-order. Some of you may have read a portion of it in an anthology but know that ended in a horrible cliffhanger. Sorry about that (not sorry!) but now, you're getting the entire book of witchy awesomeness and you finally can discover what happened to Fortuna and if she survived Hell.

Hell, you may wonder. Yes, indeed. Enchanted Locks is a loose Rapunzel retelling, but I can assure you, it's nothing like the innocent girl who sings to flowers and paints.

Fortuna is a witch and unfortunately, she's captured by a demon who tortures her for entertainment. With no powers, Fortuna can only survive for so long in the rotten tower that keeps her captive. The only thing that keeps Fortuna alive is the thought that her fellow witches will find her. I mean, how difficult is to find her in the big bluish brown ball they call Earth?

Joke's on her. When Kete, a male witch, flies by and frees her from the tower, the adventure in the pit of Hell begins!

Enchanted Locks is a PNR Rapunzel story featuring witches which will release on March 15.

Attention: Contains violence that may trigger certain people. If that's not your cup of tea, it's totally ok. Plenty of other books flying around for you to choose.

Enchanted Locks will be at the price of $2.99 available on Amazon and on KU. After release, it will remain on Amazon KU for 90 days and then released wide to other channels.

Thank you for your continuous support! If you want to learn FIRST all the news about releases, cover reveals, sales and giveaways, subscribe to my newsletter:

Enchanted Locks: A Dark Fantasy Paranormal Romance Rapunzel Retelling

Life as a witch is hard. Hell is worse.

Be prepared dear reader, for this is no gentle bedtime story...

Fortuna has led a good life as a demon-slaying witch in the White Land until now...

Kidnapped by a demon and locked into a tower with no way out, she’s devastated to discover her powers disappeared.

However, when a handsome stranger flies past her prison, she must set aside her distrust and ask for help.

With only weapons her deadly hair and knives, she must come to trust this strange man if Fortuna wants any chance at escape. But can she overcome her distrust in time, or will she be tormented in Hell forever?

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